When a land of wild horses running free is being destroyed what will you do?
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 My horse (accepted)

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My horse (accepted) Empty
PostSubject: My horse (accepted)   My horse (accepted) Icon_minitimeSun Sep 26, 2010 5:47 pm

This is automatically accepted by me cause I will obviously follow the rules cause I'm the founder of this forum...



Gender: Male


Type:Quarter Horse

Place:The fields(for now)

Siblings/family:His mother and father died.

Personality:Chaos is arrogant,rude and selfish.He will only do something if it benefits him in anyway possible.Although if he meets the right horse you never know.He may just change his ways.But if a horse is going to change his ways then they will have to try very hard because Chaos is also very stubborn.

History:His mother and father were forbidden to be together but that didn't stop them from giving birth to Chaos.His mother died a few weeks after Chaos stopped drinking her milk.Chaos's father died when he was bringing Chaos to a herd that would accept him.Chaos was fortunate enough to get away from the mountain lion that killed his father.Chaos had lived alone for two years before a small bear cub began to follow him.The bear cub was killed one month ago.

Looks:My horse (accepted) Listing_3130
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My horse (accepted)
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