When a land of wild horses running free is being destroyed what will you do?
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 My Human(accepted)

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PostSubject: My Human(accepted)   Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:50 am

Name: Evan McKenna




Home Kingdom:Born in Ice Kingdom but now lives in Flash Kingdom.

Side:He is trying to save the horses thus the reason he is the leader of the resistance

Profession:Leader of the Resistance


Personality:He is kind,loyal,and true.Except when it comes to saving the horses.He is vicious when it comes to saving them.Thus the reason he left Ice Kingdom.He honestly loved his home but once they began capturing the animals he went crazy with anger and left.

History:Evan was always kind and never did anything bad to his Kingdom.But when they started to capture the horses he was put up to capture the horses.He loved animals but knew that he had to do it.The first horse he tried to capture spoke to him as he led him to the stockades."We don't deserve this."That was all the horse said.As soon as Evan could he ran away from Ice Kingdom and fled to Flash Kingdom.

Weapons:Bow and arrows,long sword.


Purple eyes are realistic just they are rare...It is a defect of the genes....my friend has purple eyes...

Powers:He can speak to animals
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My Human(accepted)
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