When a land of wild horses running free is being destroyed what will you do?
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 Horse Forms

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PostSubject: Horse Forms   Horse Forms Icon_minitimeSun Sep 26, 2010 1:54 pm


Nickname:You don't need to fill this out but if you want your charrie to have one then go ahead.If you aren't going to have a nickname put N/A

Gender: Male or Female

Age:Please something realistic

Type:What kind of horse you are

Place:Are you in the stockades or are you running free in the fields

Siblings/family:Any characters that are your siblings or family.

Personality:Please don't rp it out.Be detailed with it.One sentence/line descriptions will not be approved.

History:It isn't required but it would be very appreciated.If doing a history again please be detailed and no one line/sentences.

Looks:Pictures are loved but if not using a picture then please be very descriptive.

If any questions feel free to PM me or another admin/mod. Very Happy
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Horse Forms
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