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PostSubject: Site Rules   Site Rules Icon_minitimeSun Sep 26, 2010 4:22 pm


1.Show Complete Respect to each player- Do not start arguments or personally attack any ooc player for any reason. Stay kind and friendly so everyone can have a good time.

2.Absolutely No Cursing of any kind- This is not tolerated in the least and will result to immediate banning.

3.No Inappropriate Material- If anything inappropriate is found you will be given either 1-2 strikes or if I decide it is very inappropriate it will result in a ban.

4.No Spamming or Multiple Posts-This means do not post something completely unrelated to the subject and no posting over and over again when no one else has posted yet. There is an edit button for a reason, use it.

5.No god-modding- This means you cannot control another players’ character. You have your own characters, you cannot take over another person’s.

6.One liners-I know it can be hard to write more than one line but please try cause it isn't fair for one person to write like 2 paragraphs and then you write one line.

7.Keep it Literate- Make sure to check over any spelling or grammar errors before clicking the post button. Depth to your posts is encouraged. If too many errors are found in your post you may be asked to fix it.

8.Try to Stay Active- If you are going to be away for a while or leaving the site for good be sure to post in the Departures and returns board. This is important.

9. You May Have Your Own RP Thread- This means that you may make a thread to RP in that only you post in, even if it is just one of your characters. Sometimes our characters might be alone, or even in different Kingdoms, so we might need to just RP with ourselves for a while. If you want to do that, that is perfectly fine. But please include in the subject of the thread that it is for you only in parenthesis. Ex. 'Adventuring it Out (Lunar Only)'

10.Put in Parenthesis Who the RP is For- Prior to the rule before this, if you have a RP thread that is just for you and another person or two please include on the subject in parenthesis which characters it is exclusive to. Ex. 'The Fight (Lunar and vercingetorix only)' If there is nothing in parenthesis then it will be assumed that the RP is open to all.

11.Rating-This site is rated PG-13 so please keep it at that.If you do something above PG-13 here on the forum itself then you will be asked to change it and it may result in a strike.If you want to carry out things that are over PG-13 please take that to the PMs.

12.Other roleplays- I know some people may not like this and that is ok.There is a special section for you in the kingdoms section.It will say 'Other roleplay' and this is where you post your wolf/vampire/werewolf/etc. roleplays.Cause I'm just like you guys I like horses but sometimes I need to do a good Vampire/Werewolf/Wolf/Tiger/etc. roleplay.

13:1x1's-These can be made also.They will be under the other section as well.Just post that you are looking for a 1x1 partner.When you find the partner you are having then change the topic to closed.Then an admin/mod/or me will delete it then you make a topic saying example:'1x1(Lunar and vercingetorix only)' You can also carry these out on PMs.
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Site Rules
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