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 Character Rules..

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Character Rules.. Empty
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You must read and follow these rules before making a character.

1.Harassing-No harassing people.Just don't do it.If a person posted something and you think it is bad then PM a moderator or an admin.If I find out though that you were wrong and they didn't do something right then you better have a good explanation.If the owner says you did something wrong and you did then please fix it or I will give you a strike.That bringing us to...
2.Strikes-Three strikes and you are not allowed to roleplay for a day,Three more strikes and it is a week,Three more and it is a month,ETC. If you continue to roleplay when I tell you to stop then I will ban you for a week.
3.Listening-Listen to the moderators and admins.Give us Staff members a break and listen to us.
4.You may have Multiple Characters-You are allowed multiple characters but only if you are able to keep up with them.
5.No Invincible Characters- This is not tolerated. You characters will get hit, they cannot dodge every blow as well as they cannot completely damage another character without getting injured him/herself. Any fighting needs to be rather realistic as in you will get wounded at times.
6.No Mary Sues/Gary Stus- This is when your character is overly perfect. Everyone you make loves them and they have no flaws. All characters should have flaws of some kind; make them realistic, it is no fun when they are not.
7.Absolutely No Inappropriate Pictures- Any pictures that are inappropriate or revealing in any way is not tolerated. You will be asked to change it and if not complied will be followed by a banning.
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Character Rules..
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