When a land of wild horses running free is being destroyed what will you do?
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 Human Forms

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PostSubject: Human Forms   Human Forms Icon_minitimeSun Sep 26, 2010 2:55 pm

This is basically the same as the horse but a few changes.

Name: First and last please.

nickname:Just like with the horse this is not required but if not using one please put N/A.

Gender:Male or Female

Age:This can be anything within reason.A human that is at full health can live any where from 80-100 years but smoking,diseases like cancer and stuff that commonly brings it up shorter.If you put something like 150 then you won't get accepted.

Home Kingdom:Which Kingdom you were born in.Of course you may live in another kingdom now and you can put that here also.

Side:Are you against the horses,with the horses,or do nothing about them?

Profession:Make a reasonable job.I'm going to say this takes place in about the 1800's.There are kingdoms so we do need queens and kings.I will post a profession slot soon.A good example would be capturing the horses.

Siblings/family:If any characters are your siblings/family put that here

Personality:Like I said with the horse form please no one sentence/liners and no rp it out..

History:Again no one liners/sentences.Also no required but greatly appreciated.Put N/A if not using one.

Weapons:2 Maximum, though twin swords or something of the kind count as one. Pictures are loved but not necessary.

Appearance:Pics loved but if no pictures are available please make it a detailed description.

Powers:This is not for everyone.Only a certain few may have powers.The first 6 to sign up(not including me)may have a power.One power per person though.
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Human Forms
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